Our Duck Fritons in a nut shell:

Based on a rural Gascon delicacy, Fritons de Canard.

Duck Fritons are rich, savoury and intensely delicious morsels of crisp free range duck skin. Made to be enjoyed with a glass of IPA or something as equally fruity.

Free Range British Duck & Dorset Sea Salt:

We source all of our Free Range British Duck from a family farm in Crediton, South Devon called Creedy Carver. We’ve worked with Creedy from the very start. The farm is not only beautiful and the Ducks given huge amounts of quality space to roam freely and swim but it is one of the very few Free Range Duck farms in the United Kingdom, in fact it is probably the only one of any scale.

The Duck is all the more-tasty as a result and Creedy Carver supply many of the Michelin starred restaurants and top end butchers through-out the UK.

We simply purchase the skin that Creedy slice off the shoulder for us as they pack the whole bird ready for sale.

We then simply cure the skins with Dorset Sea Salt, render them down, confit the cured skins to build up that beautiful ‘marmitey’ savoury flavour and then bring up the temperature to drive off any excess moisture and give them a little crunch. They are insanely delicious.

Our Fritons are all made to this traditional method and simply from two ingredients: Free Range British Duck and Dorset Sea Salt and that’s it.


Drink Pairing:

Made for IPA or something equally fruity

Our Fritons are rich, salty, fatty, crispy and intensely savoury. The dishes origins are in the South of France (Gascony, Toulouse & Lyon) where they are served with a green salad or simply as a little snack accompanying a glass of beer or red wine.


The red wine of the region in the South of France is typically fruity and tannic – all enhanced and offset by rich, salty food like cheese or Fritons de Canard.

IPA’s for me mirror this wine style – very hoppy (tannic / bitter) and very fruity. As a result, are a beautiful pairing; the salt enhances the fruity flavours and the fat mops up the bitter notes from the hops. 

But, they are lovely with anything you would normally pair with a simple hard cheese like Cheddar – red wine, stouts and are absolutely stunning with a crisp Cider too.