Our Chorizo Thins in a nut shell:

Inspired by our love for Spanish Tapas.

Chorizo Thins are slices of Authentic Spanish Chorizo gently roasted until crisp, crunchy and intensely delicious. A perfect tapas style snack to accompany a glass of Rioja or something as equally complex, fruity and mineral.


About our Authentic Spanish Chorizo:

We source our Chorizo from a small family producer in Glaicia, who have been making Chorizo as a family since the 1950’s.

Their Chorizo is particular to the region in Lugo, Galicia, North West Spain and made from just five natural ingredients: Duroc Pork Shoulder, Duroc Pork Belly, Salt, Hot Paprika de la Vera, and Garlic. The Chorizo is then hung and cured for thirty days whilst being gently smoked over Holm Oak.

The quality and flavour of our Chorizo however comes from two of the most important ingredients:

  • Duroc Pork: A rare breed of pig that is traditionally farmed in Spain for quality hams and Chorizo. It produces a delicate flavoured Pork, laced with rich buttery fat. It was originally bought to Spain over one hundred years ago (from the USA) to improve the meat of the famous Iberico pigs.


  • Hot Paprika de la Vera: The distinctive flavour of Authentic Spanish Chorizo comes from the very special Paprika that is produced in the fertile alluvial soils around the Tietar River in La Vera. The harvest begins in the autumn where entire families go out into the fields to harvest the little peppers and place them in drying houses where they are smoke-dried over Oak for two weeks. After two weeks the peppers are finely ground into the beautiful pungent red powder that gives Authentic Spanish Chorizo its distinctive colour, aroma and taste.

No nitrates or nitrites are used in the production of our Authentic Spanish Chorizo.

To make our Chorizo Thins… wouldn’t you love to know ;) But in short – we very slowly cook it over night until it transforms into something quite spectacular.

Animal Welfare:

The Duroc Pork used in our Chorizo is all farmed by Coren.

Coren are a leading example in Spain for animal welfare. Whilst the pigs are not free range they have freedom to exhibit natural behaviours. The welfare standards that Coren abide by have been designed, built accredited by Hallmark and Partners in Welfare. Please see the link below to the Five Freedoms that Coren abide by.

Drink Pairing:

Made for Rioja or something equally fruity & mineral.

Our Chorizo Thins are intensely salty, fatty, umami and fruity all wrapped in one delicious crunch. They also have a touch of heat from the hot Paprika de la Vera.

They are perfect enjoyed as the Spanish do with a glass of red – Rioja is our recommendation (but any young Spanish red is wonderful) and in-particular a simple Joven Rioja is spot on– young, fresh and easy going. The salt just picks up the fruit flavours in the wine and the fats calm down any tannins. Everything else is a joyful combination.

However, I also love it equally with a Manzanilla Sherry, an ice-cold lager, an amber ale or Bloody Mary.



P.S. Chorizo Thins are my favourite.