Our Mangalitza Salami Chips in a nut shell:

Mangalitza is a breed of pig famed for the flavour of it’s fat & traditionally used in the salamis of Hungary.

Our Salami Chips are rounds of traditional Hungarian Salami gently roasted until crisp, crunchy and intensely delicious. Made for a pilsner style lager or something as equally refreshing.

About our Salami:

We source our traditional Hungarian Salami’s from Pick Salami in Hungary. Pick have been producing Salami in Hungary for over 150 years, still family owned and making salamis to their original recipes.

Mangalitza Salami is deeply traditional and unbelievably important to Hungarian culture, people and celebration.

Traditional Salamis are made from Manglitza pork & fat, Hungarian Paprika, salt, garlic, ground Caraway seeds and smoked over Beech Wood. All of which builds into an intense, smoky, sweet, salty, fragrant beautiful thing with amazing texture and a touch of acidity (from the Beech Wood).

But the most important thing about this salami is the pork, which comes from the Mangalitza Breed.

Mangalitza is a pig breed famous for both its striking appearance and for the flavour of it’s fat. It is delicious; porky, sweet, rich and abundant (being originally bred as a lard pig).

Mangalitza defines Hungary and has been a part of the country’s agricultural traditions and cuisine for almost 1000 years (until communism almost wiped the breed out completely.)

In fact the breed is so important to Hungary, that the Hungarian Parliament passed an act in 2004 which made Mangalitza a national treasure of Hungary.

All Mangalitza Pork in Hungary must be certified by the Hungarian Breeders Association which sets out strict rules for it’s keeping, breeding and welfare conditions.

Mangalitza Pork can now also be found outside of Hungary – there are about 5 herds established in the UK (Lincolnshire being one – as the Mangalitza’s closest relative was the now extinct  breed called the Lincolnshire Curly Coat) as well as the USA and a handful of significant herds in Andulcia in the South of Spain where the breed is highly acclaimed for the flavour of it’s fat.

To make our Mangalitza Salami chips we simply slice the salami into rounds and very gently cook it over-night into one of the greatest bar snacks know to man (well maybe).

Animal Welfare:

The Mangalitza used in our salamis is all accredited by The Hungarian Breeders Association.

Their minimum standards and the keeping conditions they set out are excellent and in keeping with a traditional breed that cannot tolerate commercial conditions.

Drink Pairing:

Made for Pilsner or something as equally refreshing.

Crunchy, salty, fragrant and rich in fat and Umami. Our Mangalitza Salami chips are intensely delicious.

Eastern Europe made Pilsner style lager and it made Mangalitza Salami. Both are delicious and both have been enjoyed together forever in that part of the world.

However, I also love it with a glass of crisp white wine (the fat, salt and touch of acidity from the Beech Smoke) makes a glass of Chenin Blanc, white Burgundy or Martin Borough Sauvignon Blanc all the more enjoyable.

Please enjoy,