Our Patacones in a nut shell:

Inspired by the vibrant street food of Latin America.

Patcones are chunks of green plantain smashed and twice fired. Thick & crunchy they are an intensely delicious bar snack. Made for a sweet golden rum or as equally delicious with an ice cold Cerveja!


About our Patacones:

Patacones are enjoyed across Central America but our inspiration came from James, our development chef’s love of Costa Rica – and an undying memory of grabbing a beer on the street and being served Patacones and all the theatre that goes with frying, smashing and re-frying these thick, crunchy discs. Served up with chill, salt and a squeeze of fresh lime it’s been a product we’ve wanted to bring to the UK for a long time.

We make everything as it is made as a street food, just cooking it a touch longer so it holds its crunch in the bag. We mix our seasoning fresh too for every batch– the base is Jame’s memory (salt, chilli and lime) but we add a few Caribbean spices as a nod to it’s cultural importance just across the water (Mace, All Spice and Clove).

But nothing can replace a squeeze of fresh lime and we recommend it being served with a slice.

All our Plantain is actually sourced through our local green grocer in Langley. We made his month the first time we placed an order for half a tonne. But all the Plantain comes direct from Equador.


No artificial anything’s are used in the production of our Patcaones.


100% Plant Based:

Our Patacones are 100% plant based and suitable for a vegan diet.

The production is done on separate days to any of our other products and we use separate equipment (fryers etc..) only used for Patacones or other veggy products in development.

Drink Pairing:

Made for Rum or an ice cold Cerveja

Rum and Plantain are forever intertwined in the cultures of Central America and the Caribbean.

They are made for each other. It’s as simple as that.

We love it with Daquiri’s but a simple Rum & Coke with a twist of lime does its thing as equally well.

We also love them with an ice-cold beer as served on the streets of Colombia, Venzuela and Cost Rica.

Please enjoy,

Dan (& James)