Made For Drink Chorizo Thins & Duck Fritons mixed pack

MY ROUND! Mixed 6-pack Chorizo Thins & Duck Fritons

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A mixed pack of our award winning Duck Fritons & Chorizo Thins. Made by us in Berkshire.

Duck Fritons: Crispy morsels of free range British Duck Skin. Inspired by a rural Southern French delicacy. Made For IPA.

Chorizo Thins: Slices of authentic Spanish Chorizo slow roasted until crisp. Inspired by our love for Spanish tapas. Made For Rioja.


Our Mixed Packs are a 50:50 split of our Chorizo Thins & Duck Fritons.

Chorizo Thins 23g packs

Duck Fritons 30g packs


Can you tell me the ingredients?

Of course - they're made from a selection of natural ingredients.

Chorizo Thins are made simply from sliced and cooked Chorizo Picante that is made from Duroc pork shoulder, Duroc pork belly, hot paprika de la Vera, salt and garlic.

Duck Fritons are made from Creedy Carver free range duck skin and natural sea salt.

What is the nutritional make up of your products?

Chorizo Thins
Nutritional Information - typical Values per 100g: Energy 581 kcal / 2411 kj, Fat 45.7g, of which saturates 19.3g, Carbohydrates 2.8g, of which sugars <0.1g, Protein 38.7g and Salt 5.82g.

Duck Fritons
Nutritional Information - typical Values per 100g: Energy 681 kcal / 2816 kj, Fat 62.7g, of which saturates 22.8g, Carbohydrates 0.5g, of which sugars <0.1g, Protein 28.7g and Salt 4.80g.

What about allergies?

Our products are produced in a small shared commercial kitchen where trace elements of allergens may be found. Please don’t eat if you have any food allergies or intolerances.