Meat Snack Variety Pack

Meat Snack Variety Pack

Made For Beer & Wine Lovers

Our award-winning Duck Fritons, Chorizo Thins & Mangalitza Salami Chips. Made by us in Berkshire. 

Our Meat Snack Variety Pack includes:

Duck Fritons (5 x 30g pack) - crisp morsels of free-range British duck skin. Rich, savoury and intensely delicious with a glass of IPA or something equally fruity. 

Chorizo Thins (5 x 23g pack) - slices of authentic Spanish chorizo gently roasted until crisp, crunchy and intensely delicious. A perfect tapas-style snack to accompany a glass of Rioja or something equally complex, fruity and mineral. 

Mangalitza Salami Chips (5 x 23g pack) - rounds of traditional Hungarian salami gently roasted until crisp, crunchy & intensely delicious. Made for a pilsner-style lager or something equally refreshing.


The Story of Meat Snack Variety Pack

**We're currently experiencing very high demand for our Duck Fritons - thank you!!! Everyone is now back from Furlough, so it's just amazing to see and we really appreciate the support. We've now been cleared out of all our holding stock, so we are cooking and packing as fast as we can but just please be aware that orders with Duck Fritons included, may take up to five working days for us to cook, pack and dispatch. A little longer than our normal one day turnaround! Thank you again, Dan**

Our duck is sourced from Creedy Carver, a free-range British family duck farm in Crediton, South Devon. One of the very few free-range duck farms in the UK, the ducks are given quality space to roam and swim freely. The duck is all the more tasty as a result and Creedy Carver supply many of the Michelin-starred restaurants and top-end butchers throughout the UK. 

Our Fritons are based on a rural Gascon delicacy, Fritons de Canard. They are made to the traditional method from just two ingredients: free-range Devonshire duck and Dorset Sea Salt. That’s it.

Our chorizo is sourced from a small family producer who belongs to the Consorcio del Chorizo Espanol, founded to protect the quality & origins of authentic Spanish chorizo. They have been making chorizo as a family since the 1950s.

The chorizo is particular to the region of Lugo, in Galicia, and is made up of five natural ingredients: Duroc pork shoulder, Duroc pork belly, salt, Paprika de la Vera and garlic. The chorizo is hung and cured for thirty days, gently smoked over Holm Oak. No artificial anythings are used in the production of our Authentic Spanish Chorizo.

Our salami is from a family-owned business that has been producing salami in Hungary for over 150 years - and is still making them to its original recipes.

Traditional salamis are made from pork, Hungarian paprika, salt, garlic, ground caraway seeds and smoked over Beech Wood. All of which builds into an intense, smoky, sweet, salty, beautiful thing with amazing texture and a touch of acidity (from the beech wood).

IPAs, for me, mirror the fruity, tannic red wine of the region where Fritons de Canard originate - very hoppy and very fruity. As a result, they pair beautifully with our Duck Fritons: the salt enhances the fruity flavours and the fat mops up the bitter notes from the hops. 

But they are lovely with anything you would normally pair with a simple, hard cheese – red wine, stout - and they are stunning with a crisp cider too.

Our Chorizo Thins are perfect with a glass of red – Rioja is our recommendation (but any young Spanish red is wonderful) and, in particular, a simple Joven Rioja is spot on – young, fresh and easy going. The salt picks up the fruit flavours in the wine and the fats calm down any tannins. Everything else is a joyful combination.

We also love it with a Manzanilla Sherry, an amber ale or a Bloody Mary.

Crunchy, salty, fragrant and rich in fat and umami, our Mangalitza Salami chips are a beer’s best friend. Eastern Europe made Pilsner-style lager and it made Mangalitza Salami. Both are delicious and both have been enjoyed together forever in that part of the world.

We also love them with a glass of crisp, white wine - the fat, salt and touch of acidity from the beech smoke make a glass of Chenin Blanc, white Burgundy or Martinborough Sauvignon Blanc all the more enjoyable.

Of course:

Our Duck Fritons are made from just two natural ingredients: Creedy Carver free-range duck skin and Dorset Sea Salt.

Our Chorizo Thins are simply sliced and slow-roasted chorizo picante, made from: Duroc pork shoulder, Duroc pork belly, hot paprika de la Vera, salt and garlic.

Our Mangalitza Salami Chips are sliced and slow-roasted Mangalitza salami, made from: Mangalitza pork, salt, paprika, ground caraway seeds, garlic and dextrose [colour paprika extract, preservative sodium nitrite & smoked over Beech Wood]

Typical values per 100g Duck Fritons Chorizo Thins Mangalitza Salami Chips 
of which SATURATES22.8g19.3g17.8g
of which SUGARS<0.1g<0.1g<0.5g


Typical values per pack Duck Fritons (30g) Chorizo Thins (23g) Mangalitza Salami Chips (23g) 
of which SATURATES6.8g4.4g4.1g
of which SUGARS<0.1g<0.1g0.1g

We cook all the products ourselves in our own kitchens with a fully traceable supply chain from farm to fingertips. Our kitchens are kept free of the 14 major allergens as stipulated by the Foods Standards Agency. However, if you are sensitive to a particular ingredient, please make sure you check the ingredients list first.