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Posted by Dan Featherstone on


I believe food & drink brings people together like nothing else. The act of breaking-bread with friends, family and even strangers has brought us together as humans, well, forever.

The pub for me is that one place in Britain that has been set aside purely for that purpose, a place for people to simply enjoy one another’s company. Just pause and think of that moment in the pub, when you’re surrounded by the people you love most in the world, sharing a few drinks and a bit of good food. The laughter just rolls effortlessly, there’s warmth & comfort and the rest of the World just melts away for those precious few hours.

It is this very special moment that made me start Made For Drink. I wanted to create something that just made that moment as good as it could be.

The pub in Great Britain is the beating heart of our communities and if we are to see these wonderful meeting places survive then they need our support now more than ever.

Our aim is to get cash back into the tills of our pubs throughout the UK as quickly as we can.

You can get involved in our campaign by purchasing one of our special #hospitalitybond boxes here.

The box includes £5, which is a gift from us to you to put towards your first drink back in your favourite local.

Or, you can enter our free prize draw to stand a chance of winning a £100 bar tab by nominating your favourite local.

We will select a number of the locals nominated to send a free case of our wonderful snacks to, which they can then sell and fill their tills!

Feel free to upload a photo of your first drink to Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #hospitalitybond and tag in @madefordrink along with your local - let's get this movement trending!

To all of our favourite locals...