The Dream

I believe that food and drink brings people together like nothing else. The act of breaking bread with friends, family and even strangers has brought us together as human beings since, well, forever.

It’s a moment when we’re surrounded by the people we love most in the world, sharing a few drinks and good food. The laughter rolls effortlessly, there’s warmth and comfort, and the rest of the world melts away for those precious few hours.

It is this very special moment that inspired me to create Made For Drink – a business that aspires to bring people together over a love of food, drink and great company.

Made For Drink started in 2016 from my village hall in Waltham St Lawrence, serving three amazing customers; Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck Group, Fortnum & Mason and Rick Stein.

Today we still make all our delicious products by hand from our commercial kitchens in Berkshire and supply many of the world’s leading food & drink establishments with bar snacks of equal standing.

We love what we do and I hope this shines through in all our products.


Hearty Chorizo Mac and Chesse

This Spanish take on Mac and Cheese is comfort food at it's best! Enjoy with a fresh and zesty glass of wine for an indulgent diner-time treat.
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Made For Hospitality Lovers

#HOSPITALITYBOND I believe food & drink brings people together like nothing else. The act of ...
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Made For... Dry January

Why should January have to be blue? Even if you’re taking it dry. Even if you’ve gone meat-free. January still has plenty going for it… For a start, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Lucky Saint to give you a treat to beat the January gloom. It’s the perfect excuse to get down to the pub and stay social.

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