Made For Drink's Ultimate Snack Selection: 150g packs of Malt Vinegar & Sea Salt, Baron Bigod Cheese & Onion, Dorset Sea Salt, The Gentleman's Relish and English Truffle Potato Crisps, 25g pack of Iberian Pork Chicharrones, 30g pack of Chorizo Thins, 30g pack of Biltong and a 40g pack of Chicken Salt Fries.

The Ultimate Snack Selection (9 packs of everything we do!)



Enjoy our full range of award-winning snacks. One pack each of:

NEW Iberian Pork Chicharrónes (25g), Chorizo Thins (30g), 100% Grass Fed Biltong (30g), Chicken Salt Fries (40g),  Baron Bigod Cheese & Onion Crisps (150g), English Truffle Crisps (150g), The Gentleman's Relish Crisps (150g), Malt Vinegar & Sea Salt Crisps (150g) & Dorset Sea Salt Crisps (150g).

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NEW! 1 x Pork Chicharrónes (25g)
Savour the full-flavoured, crunchy joy of our Iberian Pork Chicharrónes. Hailing from the sunny shores of Spain and South America, these delicious morsels are a must-have snack for any serious snacker. Light and crisp with an oh-so-satisfying crunch - one bite and you'll see why this Spanish classic has been devoured for centuries. Just as delightful on their own or scattered atop a tapas platter, these savoury delights go great with a chilled cerveza.

1 x Chorizo Thins (30g)
Experience a taste of the Mediterranean with our Chorizo Thins. Each crunchy bite will transport you to a sun-baked terrace, with the smoky, bold flavours of Spanish chorizo. And with a glass of Joven Rioja, the young and refreshing notes will bring out the rich and savoury nuances like a match made in foodie heaven.

1 x 100% Irish Grass Fed Biltong (30g)
Delicately handcrafted with traditional methods and a special blend of South African spices, this flavourful snack is made with air-dried succulent beef and a tantalizing mix of apple cider vinegar, coriander seeds and secret spices. But what takes it to the next level is the quality of our beef – 100% Irish grass-fed beef, raised on luscious pastures for a superior depth of flavour.

1 x Chicken Salt Fries (40g)
A truly authentic taste of Australia, but wait! What *is* Chicken Salt? Don't be fooled by the name – our mix is 100% vegetarian. Combining a secret blend of tasty herbs and spices, this iconic seasoning was created to perfect the flavour of rotisserie chicken – and it worked! Nowadays, it's the seasoning of choice for Aussie chip shops, and you can enjoy it at home with our Chicken Salt Fries. Thin-cut potato fries rolled in this delicious seasoning make for the perfect savoury snack; ideal to munch on at beer'o'clock, lunchtime, or just anytime you're feeling peckish!

1 x The Gentleman's Relish Potato Crisps (150g)
Introducing The Gentleman's Relish Crisps, an ode to a flavour from England's historical gastronomical chronicles. Indulge in the nuanced umami-packed taste of this traditional anchovy-based spread, reinvented in the most contemporary and inclusive way - 100% vegan. Our crisps retain the addictive rich and meaty flavours of the iconic Patum Peperium, but without any exclusivity. For anyone with a curious palette and a need for new sensations, this is the snack for you!

1 x Baron Bigod Cheese & Onion Potato Crisps (150g)
Baron Bigod's award-winning brie-style goodness is an extraordinary treat from Suffolk's Fen Farm Diary. Bursting with a golden, oozy texture and a nutty, citrusy center, it's the quintessential topping alongside sweet white onions for our thinly cut British potato crisps - simply scrumptious!

1 x English Truffle Potato Crisps (150g)
Royalty isn't the only thing England has to offer. The flavourful English truffles found in our aromatic, nutty and earthy seasoning come directly from The English Truffle Company, run by James and his trusty truffle-hunting dog Jack in the south of England. Our award-winning English Truffle crisps salute the best of British produce. For top notch, homegrown flavour, pair them with your favourite drink from one of England's amazing producers.

1 x Malt Vinegar & Sea Salt (150g)
Freshly sliced and fried on the same day, we take our scrumptious British potatoes and give them a golden crisp finish. We season with renowned Dorset Sea Salt, harvested from the English Jurassic coast, and add a classic dash of malt vinegar for a taste of the seaside. Sweet, salty and savoury, these crisps pair perfectly with a cool lager or a refreshing white wine!

1 x Dorset Sea Salt (150g)
Using sea salt hand-harvested from England's gorgeous Chesil beach and British-grown potatoes, our award-winning Dorset Sea Salt Crisps embody all that's great about English produce. Light, crunchy, and utterly divine. You can't make a bad call with this classic combo - they pair perfect with pretty much any English tipple. So grab a local favourite and raise a glass to the scrumptious food and beverage we make right here in England!

Pork Chicharrónes
Our Iberian Pork Chicharrónes are the perfect beer companion. Their rich saltiness perfectly complements and elevates the taste of a cold cerveza. For the ideal pairing, try with a refreshing Madri Exceptional.

Chorizo Thins
Our Chorizo Thins are perfect with a glass of red – Rioja is our recommendation (but any young Spanish red is wonderful) and a simple Joven Rioja is spot on – young, fresh and easy going. The salt picks up the fruit flavours in the wine and the fats calm down any tannins. Everything else is a joyful combination.

We are talking the ultimate beer snack here, but it is also delicious with big reds like Malbec, amber ales like Doom Bar but also well-made Cider such as Henney's.

Chicken Salt Fries
Chicken Salt Fries are loved across Australia - packed full of umami flavours nothing matches them better than an icy-cold lager. Just delicious! Nothing more complicated than that.

The Gentleman's Relish Potato Crisps
Infused with the bold and umami flavours of Patum Peperium's anchovy paste, The Gentleman's Relish crisps provide a distinct, savoury punch which is why they pair so harmoniously with a Bloody Mary – its spiciness and tomato base perfectly counterbalance the crisps' strong and salty profile.

English Truffle | Baron Bigod Cheese & Onion | Dorset Sea Salt | Malt Vinegar & Sea Salt Potato Crisps
We are talking the best of English Produce here, so grab something home-grown and special to drink alongside our crisps; Chapel Down Sparkling Wine, Berry Bros No.3 Gin with Fever Tree Tonic, a pint of Doom Bar - you know the score. We make beautiful food and drink here in England – let's celebrate it.

Pork Chicharrones
Pork rind (95%), rusk (WHEAT), Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein, SOYA, yeast extract, salt, sugar, dextrose, rapeseed oil.

Chorizo Thins
Simply sliced and slow-roasted chorizo picante, made from: Duroc pork shoulder, Duroc pork belly, hot paprika de la Vera, salt and garlic.

Irish grass-fed beef, apple cider vinegar, salt, spices, brown sugar (sugar, cane molasses), coriander seeds, preservative (sodium sorbate), antioxidant (ascorbic acid).

Chicken Salt Fries
Our Chicken Salt Fries are made from thin cut potato fries cooked in sunflower oil and seasoned with traditional Mitani Chicken Salt from Australia [sea salt, rice flour, spices, vegetable powders (onion, garlic), natural flavourings (contains CELERY, oleoresin), yeast extract, and silicon dioxide (anticaking agent)]. Suitable for vegetarians.

English Truffle Potato Crisps
Yorkshire potatoes, oleic sunflower oil, truffle seasoning [maltodextrin, salt, yeast extract, sugar, onion powder, garlic powder, spirit vinegar, mushroom, natural flavouring, English truffle, rosemary and silicon dioxide (anticaking agent)]. Suitable for vegetarians.

Malt Vinegar and Sea Salt Potato Crisps
Yorkshire potatoes, oleic sunflower oil, malt vinegar and sea salt seasoning [maltodextrin, sea salt, spirit vinegar, English malt vinegar (made from BARLEY), sugar, citric acid, yeast extract and dioxide (anticaking agent)]. Suitable for vegans.

Dorset Sea Salt Potato Crisps
Yorkshire potatoes, oleic sunflower oil, sea salt. Suitable for vegetarians.

Baron Bigod Cheese & Onion Potato Crisps

English potatoes, oleic sunflower oil, Baron Bigod Cheese & Onion Seasoning (onion powder [sulphites], salt, whey powder [MILK], Baron Bigod cheese powder [MILK], lactose [MILK], sugar [sulphites], cheese powder [MILK], natural flavourings, acid: citric acid; paprika extract).

The Gentleman's Relish Potato Crisps

English potatoes, oleic sunflower oil, The Gentleman's Relish Seasoning (yeast extract, Mushroom extract powder, salt, rice flour, acidity regulator, spices [black pepper, pimento, clove], onion powder, caramelised sugar powder, natural flavouring, encapsulated malic acid, herbs [bay], paprika extract). Suitable for Vegans.

For allergens please ingredients in BOLD.

Typical values per 100g Biltong             Chorizo Thins Pork ChicharrónesChicken Salt Fries
of which SATURATES4.3g19.3g9.1g3g
of which SUGARS3.4g<0.1g0.8g<0.5g
Typical values per 100g English Truffle CrispsMalt Vinegar & Sea Salt CrispsDorset Sea Salt CrispsBaron Bigod Cheese & Onion CrispsThe Gentleman's Relish Crisps
of which SATURATES2.2g2.2g5.4g2.3g2.2g
of which SUGARS1.7g1.3g0.3g2.6g0.7g

Our Pork Chicharrones contain WHEAT and SOYA.

Our Baron Bigod Cheese & Onion Crisps contain MILK & SULPHER DIOXIDE

Our Malt Vinegar & Sea Salt Crisps contain BARLEY.

Our Chicken Salt Fries contain CELERY

Our English Truffle Crisps, Dorset Sea Salt Crisps, The Gentleman's Relish Crisps, Chorizo Thins, and 100% Grass Fed Biltong do not contain any of the 14 major allergens as stipulated by the Foods Standards Agency. However, if you are sensitive to a particular ingredient, please make sure you check the ingredients list first or get in touch @

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