Introducing Chicken Salt Fries

Posted by Dan Featherstone on

I first discovered Chicken Salt during my travels around Australia, and it’s been my mission to bring this taste revelation to the UK ever since I started Made For Drink.

Chicken salt is a popular seasoning added to hot chips in Australia. Featuring a very addictive umami flavour with hints of garlic, onion and paprika, it’s no wonder it’s a national obsession. Ask any Australian in the UK about Chicken Salt and they’ll testify to its deliciousness. It’s the taste of long summers by the beach and weekend treat nights with a cool Victoria Bitter.

Our new Chicken Salt Fries emulate this feeling - combining crispy potato chip sticks with the authentic flavour of Australia’s Mitani Chicken Salt.

The Mitani family started developing salts and spices for restaurants in Adelaide in the 1970s. Chicken salt began as a seasoning for rotisserie chickens, but soon made its way onto hot chips and took the country by storm. The original recipe is held as a close secret of the Mitani family. Despite its name, chicken salt is a vegetarian product – the ‘chicken’ in the name refers to its original purpose, rather than an actual ingredient. What’s more, it’s gluten free.

We’re excited to launch our Chicken Salt Fries in March 2021 – watch this space!