What’s going on behind the scenes at Made for Drink HQ?

The art of eating tapas

The Spanish have a knack for snacking. More than a quick bite of something on-the-go (trying not to throw crumbs down yourself – or is that just me?), snacking is an occasion. A social one at that. Not formal, not fancy but something to be enjoyed simply, at a leisurely pace, with a good drink and great friends.

Breaking bread

Every Friday lunchtime, our little team takes time to ‘break bread’ together. There’s always a snack or two going spare (we’re master taste-testers). And a bountiful supply of breads, cheeses, pickles & dips from the fantastic, family-run Italian Shop round the corner.

WHAT’S ON: Pub in The Park, Chiswick & St Albans

Summer can’t be over while there are still festivals to enjoy! Keep the good times rolling and join us at Tom Kerridge’s Pub In The Park this September for the ultimate pub garden experience.